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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kukuleganga Holiday Resort - Day 2

We started our journey around 8:45AM on Tuesday the 10th of Jan 2012 from Kotte, and after a brief detour to avoid morning rush hour traffic and a stop over at relatives place, we managed to finnaly commence our journey towards KKG at around 9:30AM. Below is the route we took, and I found this to be the fastest route to KKG from colombo. Route shown below, using Google Latitude auto updater that tracks my position and keeps a record of where I was every min. Please ignore the random blip which points to Panadura, never went there. The route was basically, Kottawa - E01 Southern Expressway - Exit at Kalutara - On towards Mathugama side on the Kalawana Road. The road conditions are very good, and I will post a video of the Route later.

Having stayed at the resort for 2 days, I have the following conclusions to make.

The Staff were really friendly, and very helpful, the variety of food, for the prices they charged was excellent, the standards of the cottages were excellent, although we had 2 odd power outages at night for around 1 min each, nothing serious. I was quite impressed with the dinner, I took the below video of the chefs in action.

The resort is within a close distance of a few interesting things to visit, namely the Sky Bridge, a waterfall and natural pool, Hydro power station, and reservoir, the Pahiyangala rock cave, the 150 foot Dun Tree, the cane bridge and finally the Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

I visited most of these places, apart from the reservoir, and cane bridge. I will update more on this later, so keep watching this space.

I will post individual article on Pahiyangala rock cave and the Road construction work that is being carried out on the Ratnapura - Karawita - Kalawana Road, as an access road to the Sinharaja Rainforest. Stay tuned! Finally, I will also comment on the best route to get back to colombo from Ratnapura.
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