About Us


My name is Kanchana Mallawathantri, however I have become known as “Kan” over the years, this of course is after my move to the UK in 2001, as most people found is difficult to pronounce my long Sri Lankan name. Thus, Kan was born, and  pronounce like “Can” . I also have a very Can do attitude to most things in life, after all there is nothing (all practical things I mean, and not fantasy, although people did ridicule Arthur C Clark when he talked about satellites  and now look at us!) impossible if you really put your mind to it! Thus “KanCanDo” was commonly used by friends and co-workers as a sort of nickname to my nickname, and it has stuck!
This website, is my shop window to the world, to showcase my work. I am a keen traveller, blogger, photographer, and I make a living by being an IT Manager.
The KanCanDo blog started out in Jan 2012,  following my travels to Sri Lanka between Dec 2011 and Jan 2012. The blog is dedicated to all things Sri Lankan and has been evolving over time.
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