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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Re-discovering Colombo as a side effect of the "Bad Weather In Sri Lanka this Dec"

As with the great spirit of any traveller, make the most of what nature throws at me has been my theme over the past few weeks.

The ongoing adverse weather conditions that are affecting most parts of the country and forcing the closure of roads and other means of transportation to much sort after destinations meant I was stuck in Colombo for more than I would have liked.

With the 21-12-12 end of the world craze at its peak in some parts I did over hear a lot of people swearing to the fact that the world is indeed coming to an end and that Colombo was surely in for a good beating on the day.

4 days later now 25-12-12 on Christmas day, Colombo still stands and the bad weather looks like its going away, so too bad for those who indeed did write away all their fortunes etc etc...

So back to my post, this condition meant I was confined to the spaces of Colombo and the immediate suburbs and some parts of the southern coast.

I can safely say that I did have some good time to re-discover the city that is Colombo, and was I in for a shock.

The city has changed significantly over the past few years, with many good hang outs and shopping areas popping up, including some great cafes, bars, restaurants and what seems to be a trend meet up and chat lounges. Colombo is also getting a face lift, with many of the old buildings being renovated and restored.

They do say that the wild is never too far from the city in Sri Lanka, in fact, I think the wild can sometimes be found in the city. I explored a lot of the wild life spots in and around the city, will be writing about these soon too!

For this post I leave you with some places that which I visited this Dec in Colombo, which I think should be worth visiting.

View Colombo Must See in a larger map

I will write about all my discoveries individually over time, however, let me end this post with some images I took during a thunderstorm in Colombo last week.

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