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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sri Lanka Dec 2012

After nearly 12 months away from Sri Lanka, I have finally returned once again! for another month of exploring and writing new articles.

This year I intend to do something slightly different, to use local transport, and immerse my self in the more local ways and report back on my findings. Including, public transport, the infamous tuk tuks, and local knowledge. 

As always I will post about my experiences, tips and hints etc.

For today, just got off a plane from the UK, 10 hour long flight...

Tomorrow starts another long journey, on my way to Hong Kong. I will spend the next 6 days in Hong Kong, and return to Sri Lanka on the 13th Dec.

Upon arrival to Sri Lanka I will commence exploring and reporting.

Highlights for this years series of blog posts will include

  • Flying to Colombo
  • Colombo Airport
  • Getting around in Sri Lanka
  • Mobile and Internet usage
  • Currency and Exchange rates
  • Colombo updates
    • Restaurants
    • Places of interest
    • Museums
    • Parks
    • Shopping malls
    • Transport
  • Kandy
    • Restaurants
    • Places of interest
    • Museums
    • Parks
    • Shopping
    • Transport
  • Colombo Night Races (takes place every Dec)
  • Where to go for Christmas celebrations in Colombo
  • Colombo Zoo
  • Galle and Galle Fort
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Trincomale
  • Negombo
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