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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sri Lankan Fashion Designer at the 19th Amsterdam Fashion Week

I last met mevan some time in 2012, being part of my family, I thought it would be great to write about him as he puts on show his work at the 19th Amsterdam Fashion Week! Mevan Kaluarachchi born in Sri Lanka. He studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy for Fine Arts in Rotterdam, finishing his studies in 2005. As a student he won the prestigious Body Fashion Design Award 2003. Mevan's traineeship was with Alexander van Slobbe, after which Mevan decided to start his own label 'Mevan Kaluarachchi.' He launched his first collection for men and women in 2008. Mevan's distinctive style emphasises clean cut and fit, with an eye for detail and material. Mevan has shown his work at several exhibitions and catwalk shows in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. "Today it's not enough for your outfit to be stylish. It also has to be original. Small touches of originality, such as the length of a pair of trousers, or the colour of a pair of socks, can transform common items of clothing into a unique outfit. I've lived all over the world, and moved between different cultures, and this has been my inspiration for the clothes I make. I want to create a distinctive but truly international sensibility." His new menswear range is a single collection for both summer and winter - in other words an entire wardrobe of clothes for all seasons.That's why I've called my collection "Wardrobe". My "wardrobe" range gives men license to wear their favourite clothes all year round, by mixing and matching different elements from the collection to suit the season. It also caters for discerning men who don't want to start from scratch every Spring and Autumn, but prefer to invest in quality, comfort and luxury that will last.
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