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Monday, September 22, 2014



Leading property portal prepares handy guide for preparing for the perfect holiday

From safaris to tropical rainforests, and from mountain hikes to ancient ruins, Sri Lanka seems to have it all for the intrepid traveller. But what if your ideal holiday means having access to all the creature comforts of your own home?

During the upcoming September long weekend, many Sri Lankans will be looking to rent - or maybe even buy - a holiday bungalow. To help you chose the perfect property to match your needs, has compiled a guide to choosing the ideal holiday home for the long weekend.

1.       Consider the benefits of picking a bungalow. The first thing to decide is whether a bungalow is the right match for you and your family. Consider the fact that you can enjoy the comforts of being in your own home - such as cooking at the property and entertaining a group of family or friends - while still taking a break from your usual surroundings. However, some holidaymakers may prefer to spend their holidays staying at an hotel or resort.

2.       Choose facilities to meet your needs. Being on holiday means your day-to-day activities should run smoothly. However, amenities may vary widely between properties. Check with bungalow management to find out about the state of the water and power supply, whether bathroom facilities meet your standards, the number of bedrooms available, and what features are on offer in the living room and kitchen. Remember to also check whether the property comes with high-speed Internet, home entertainment or even satellite TV if these are a requirement for you.

3.       Check the pet policy and parking space. For most families, having a pet can be a challenge when planning for holidays. Check with the property management to see if pets are allowed and if so, whether there are any additional charges or deposit fees. The same applies for parking, especially when you are traveling with a group. Make sure you have a good idea what parking is available on site so you are well prepared for your arrival.

4.       Be alert about security. You and your loved ones’ protection should be a fundamental priority at all times, including while on holiday. Check with the management firm to have a basic understanding of whether natural disasters are an issue in the area, as well as whether criminal activity is likely to be an issue.

5.       Understand the pricing procedure. Finally yet importantly, have a thorough understanding of the pricing structure of the bungalow you are hoping to book. Many establishments charge extra fees depending on the season and some may also charge you for utilities such as electricity and water, as well as cleaning costs. Remember to clarify deposit fees to ensure you agree to the refund data and whether it will be included in the final bill.


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