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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 2 and 3 in Sri Lanka

The second day in Sri Lanka was very uneventful, mainly consisted of meetings for work related issues.

Day three too started off with many meetings, however, the latter part of the day consisted of taking pics of Colombo, Going to watch the 3 musketeers at the new 3D Cinema at majestic city.

Managed to drive around to city of Colombo at night and record most of it. The first highlight of the day here  where a SUV driver decided to use the pavement to get past a bus that was blocking his way, interestingly it seems that such actions were endorsed. As you can see the poles on the pavement to stop vehicles using it have been laid down. only in that spot. So I decided to follow suite!

Following this we headed towards Colombo, my whole journey can be seen on this video here

The highlight was the newly renovated Independence Square and Beira Lake pictures I took of these places can be seen here 

Colombo is really changing, and much for the better, the city is slowly coming to light a good example is how lit up the shops on the galle road were my drive from Majestic City to 
Beira Lake  can be seen here , and the intense construction work and modifications can be seen in every corner. In fact, only 11 months ago when I was last here, things were much different.

The development of the Galle Road stretch between Bambalapitiya and Kollupitiya was rather well done, although I must say the drivers were rather scary!

There are still some remanence of the old war time Colombo, but very little check points or army posts remain, infact I had to look hard to see any of these. Almost all places that were locked off as high security zones in the city are now open to the public.
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