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Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 1 in Sri Lanka

The Day started at 10:30 AM with meetings with various Contacts as pre arranged. However I did not account for going to bed at 6AM. Thus the day was long, and little did I expect it to go on till 3AM the next day!

Interestingly though the BBQ took place amid the backdrop of lightning and rain, it was lots of as such... the charcoal kept not lighting... thank god for lighting fluid...

The BBQ was not as epic or should I say eventful as previous years but none the less it was to some degree a whole lot of banter as usual!

Almost 4 KG of chicken and sausages went into the BBQ, and experimental home made garlic bread, the guys manned the kitchen with the frying of chips...

Of course as usual the point of the whole exercise was mainly the banter and the resulting yearly gathering of all

The guys informed me of a bachelor party for one of the guys who is getting married in Jan. Most of the discussion centred around this.

Currently though no such serious decision has been made regarding this matter, several good ideas were mentioned.

Some thought was given to the fact that Amy was still stuck in the UK... No chance of pictures of Colombo yesterday unfortunately. Although some excellent Dog on Dog action was captured... please await the uploading of this. See the Video here -

Some videos of driving about were taken, however I need to edit these.
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