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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Finally in Sri Lanka

Following the 10 hour flight to Sri Lanka, I am finally at home... the flight had a lot of turbulence from time to time. The day started off with gloomy freezing weather in London, and slight rain just in time for the plane to take off. As such there was a slight delay in the plane taking off.

Realised the world is such a small place when the guy who was sitting where Amy was supposed to sit knew almost everyone I knew... what a surprise...

Lunch was not great, as they had run out of one of the options, and it was either Veg or Fish left... so ended up deciding to go for the Fish... which I must say was not that bad...

Continued to annoy my fellow passenger by being a non stop chatter box, finally I realised I had been talking to this guy for almost 3 hours, but never bothered to introduce my self...

The skies cleared up slightly as we travelled over the middle east, and you could see the lights from the isolated townships below and the beautiful sight of stars in the sky above... truly amazing

Landed in  Colombo on time, I guess the pilot did a bit of speeding, going over 1000kmph to catchup for lost time at London.

Was a pleasant 25 degrees in Colombo, got some chocs at the duty free and proceeded to the checkout where to my horror my card got declined, I found out later that it was due to the man who operated the till not knowing what to do.

Got into the drivers seat to start driving as soon as I got out of the airport as usual... and also to test out the car, the final verdict on the car, need to change it.

It seems that my first day in Sri Lanka will be a busy one.... one meeting + changing the car + BBQ in the evening.

Next Update latter today!
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