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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Sri Lanka - By Amy Hong

Elephant DecoSunset at YalaPinetree, Mountain and LakeFogBlue MegpiePalm Squirrel
Food!CaterpillarSunset Above CloudsYou own the road!Door LockerView from Sigiriya
Cow CarriageBug on Hand'Join the Line!'Elephant FarmerWaterlilyEndemic Plant
Kandyan Wood PaintBegger PilgrimLizardFishing boatSigiriyaAdam's Peak Rain
2012 Sri Lanka , a set by AmySquirrel on Flickr.
Dear Readers,

This collection of pictures was done by my favourite photographer / crazy scientist. Please Take a look. I am sure there will be many more amazing pictures to come!

Cheers Amy for your support and a great Sri Lanka Trip!

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