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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ceylon Tea Trails Luxury Holiday In The Lush Tea Country Of Sri Lanka

Going around YouTube, searching for good videos on Sri Lanka, I came across this one below, it explores the home land of the world renowned "Ceylon Tea" and a holiday resort in the middle of a plantation, thousands of feet above sea level, in the central hills of Sri Lanka.

Hope you enjoy the video, I found it to be rather informative. Also releasing this week is my own article on Nuwara Eliya and the Hills.

Tea Trails has also given a special offer. This is the latest press release announcing the new positioning of Ceylon Tea Trails as the no 1 all inclusive resort in Asia &  4th in the world, for four consecutive years which is a remarkable achievement.

The annual Sami Komadu festival (Hindu temple festival) in the tea plantation areas are usually between March & April each year. Each temple celebrates this occasion individually. This is a festival of music during the day on certain days during these months (the days are not specified in advance); it is advisable to keep your readers informed of the above since sound carries clearly in the valley and can be disturbing to some guests staying at the Tea Trails.

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