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Monday, January 02, 2012

Trip - 2nd of New Year

This is again Amy reporting on Kan's blog (evil Amy invasion indeed...). Today we went to Mirissa for whale watching. We set off Colombo @ 4,30am, observed brilliant scenery of morning mist and sunrise on the express way to Galle (driving vid will shortly be uploaded onto Kan's youtube channel). 

There are quite a few whale watching companies in Mirissa, most of which head towards same directions into the sea. Some of the boats have really funny names such as 'princess of whales' or 'southern whales'.

The guide on our boat told us that groups between 12-40 whales may be observed on an average day. However all whales decided to dive deeper today, we only observed about 2-4 whales today. It was still quite an experience, my first time seeing real whales!! And more amazingly, I have also managed to capture a classic whale tail shot despite the wonky boat movement!! (photo will be uploaded shortly...)

Then we went to the most southern point of Sri Lanka, where there was a white lighthouse... (have to ask Kan what this place is called as I don't remember the name anymore @.@). The rocky beach was really pretty and the waves here were quite strong. We saw a lot of crabs lining up on rocks bathing in the afternoon sun, enjoying waves washing their back. Kan took a brilliant shot of the crab. But then when he was trying to help me to get a crab shot, I lost my balance in waves and made Kan drop his camera in sea water... :( If any of you is reading this and having any idea about how to save a digital compact camera from sea water, please let me know, thxx... :(

We then went to a hot spring well in the afternoon and tmr will be Yala will be uploaded shortly, hope tmr will be a better day, may all dead cameras come back to life...
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